Racing Rules

Many of the existing Racing Rules of Sailing published by World Sailing does not fit very well for the M32 Class. The racing is more intense and the boats maneuver differently. Also the tactics and strategy is often very different in multihull compared with keel boats.

The M32 Edition of the racing rules is a booklet with the complete rules showing the changes that are made for the M32 class. They can be found, together with examples and explanations at the Official Notice Board.

To change the rules you need a permission from World Sailing. The Class together with Aston Harald Sports and the Organizing Authority applies directly to World Sailing for these permissions. All events using the changed rules needs this permission.

Class Rules

The M32 is a one design class with a closed class rule. That means that if the rule does not specifically say that you may – then you shall not.

The M32ICA encourages close racing where the main focus of competition relies on the sailors’ skill. Any attempt to gain advantage through equipment or its use will be pursued and corrected.

The M32 Class Rules are managed by World Sailing with the assistance of M32ICA and the License Holder Aston Harald Composite.

The Class Rules can be found on the Official Notice Board and on World Sailing.


Why are there different crew weight rules?

The crew limitations are described in the class rules but may be changed by the Notice of Race to a specific event.

The Class Rules is the default and used on most events. It states 437.5kg and maximum 3 persons on the rack.

Match Racing regattas and some M32 Series event have a lower crew weight to limit crew size and to accommodate for hot seat guests. This weight limit is currently 350kg.